Theme - Impact of technology innovation on sports equipment: Safety, Excitement and Fairness
Date - Monday 14th May 2018
Venue - SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland

10h00 - 10h30 Welcome Coffee
10h30 - 10h40 Welcome by Organisers & Partners
10h40 - 11h00 Keynote by Prof. Jan-Anders Manson
11h00 - 11h20 Keynote by Prof. Eric Nauman
11h20 - 12h20 Panel Discussion with Experts
12h20 - 13h45 Lunch & Networking Session
13h45 - 14h15 International Federations' Specific Needs
14h15 - 14h30 Results from the Preparatory Study + Q&A
14h30 - 15h10 Workshop 1 - New materials and equipment for performance and fashion (Prof. Mansson)
15h10 - 15h30 Coffee Break
15h30 - 16h10 Workshop 2 - Wearables and sensors (Prof. Aminian)
16h10 - 16h50 Workshop 3 - Safety assessment and injury prevention (Prof. Nauman)
16h50 - 17h00 Wrap-up and Closing
17h00 - 18h00 Networking Cocktail












Please note the change of scheudle for the afternoon/parallel sessions.