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Two editions of ACCELERATE have been organised so far, the first one in October 2015, the second in February 2017. The post-event reports can be viewed here:

2015 Summary Report2017 Summary Report


The next workshop will take place on the 14th of May 2018 and will focus on: Impact of technology innovation on sports equipment - safety, excitement and fairness.

ACCELERATE events are free of charge, but by invitation only.


Forthcoming Workshop - Spring 2018


THEME - Impact of technology innovation on sports equipment: safety, excitement and fairness

DATE - Monday 14th May 2018 (10h00 - 18h00)
                Morning: keynotes and panel discussion with experts
               Afternoon: results of preparatory study & parallel sessions with start-ups

VENUESwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland

LANGUAGE - English

PARTICIPANTS - Total: 100-120 people including:
                                   International Sports Organisations
                                   Start-ups and R&D institutions





2017 Workshop

2017 Summary Report2017 Brochure


Public Engagement and Media

Given the growing challenges to engage actively and successfully with spectators today and following particular interests in this topic expressed by the participants of the first edition, the second ACCELERATE Workshop looked at this sector in more depth, with a special focus on the future of media and sport news in the context of international sports organisations.


With the current fast pace of technology evolution, sports viewership is drastically changing and media technology is opening up a new revolution in sport. Today, digital transformation dictates the evolution of media by regulating access to content and to data consumers, and redefines market players’ cash flows. In particular, the simultaneous emergence of virtual reality, 360-degree images, big data management technologies and social media are radically changing the spectators’ experience, enhancing their relationship with events, as well as with athletes. This will lead, therefore, to a profound transformation of current business models.

- How can sports federations benefit from this technological and financial transformation?

- How can sports federations and content producers influence this revolution and offer a compelling experience to their own members and to the public?

- How can they develop level-playing business models ensuring a fair return to sport?

Research activities, innovation projects and emerging start-ups will have a decisive influence on the future. It is time for media actors and sports organisations to work together, embrace the challenge and shape the future.



SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland



Total: 120 people including

  • International sport organisations (International Federations and Olympic Organisations)
  • International start-ups and R&D institutions
  • International media industry including WAN-IFRA among others







  • Vincent Peyrègne, CEO, WAN-IFRA
  • Nicolas Henchoz, Director, EPFL+ECAL Lab


  • TV Media - Bruno Chappuis, EBU
  • Press Media - Gianni Merlo, AIPS
  • Olympic Television & Marketing - Aditya, IOC Olympic Channel
  • International Federation - Tom Dielen, World Archery
  • Start-up - Robert Overweg, Triple / Beyond Sports
  • Innovation in Sport Business - Martin Carlsson-Wall, Stockholm School of Economics



Parallel Sessions

Wearable TechnologyContent CreationEnhancing Fan Experience
Alogo Analysis
Second Spectrum
Adventures Lab
Triple / Beyond Sports



2015 Workshop

2015 Summary Report2015 Brochure

The very first ACCELERATE workshop took place on 1 October 2015 at the Casino de Morges and welcomed over 60 participants.

The event focused on Information and Communication Technologies and three parallel sessions between the ISO and the invited start-ups were organised on the following themes:

1) Public Engagement
2) Knowledge Management
3) Organisational Management





Adventures-lab creates fun, interactive and instructive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for people from 5 to 99 years old. Adventures-lab develops a set of physical supports that become alive in 3D through a tablet or a smartphone to convey new knowledge to the users.

Alogo Analysis SA is a Swiss incorporated company active in sports analytics, developing novel statistics for equestrianism that increase spectator engagement and educate people on the sport through televised and onsite live advanced statistics.

Dartfish develops and offers cutting-edge video solutions that empower its users to capture, analyse and share video content. Dartfish makes the power of video accessible to millions and sets the video standard across industries such as sport, education and healthcare. Dartfish, trusted globally by thousands of elite sport organisations, federations and corporations, leads the world with technology to create, analyse and distribute video content.

Finity offers Media Intelligence with the right content and tools to engage the audience on an ongoing basis and during events. It enables the listening to of any topic across millions of online publications, blogs and social media conversations. It helps to understand real-time trends, extract insights and engage with communities wherever they are.

Gait Up provides best-quality motion analysis solutions combining smart sensors and biomechanics with wearables that rival accuracy of legacy motion labs. Gait Up SA is a spin-off of the Swiss Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL), with world leading scientific expertise in human movement sensing, trusted by 80+ customers in 16 countries worldwide.

GPST develops geolocation systems to collect and transmit in real time a precise positioning of the athletes and their physiological data. Smartphone Applications are designed to reproduce graphically and virtually live sports events with detailed information from each athlete.

Illusonic is a science and research-driven company with a unique competence related to using acoustic and psychoacoustic knowledge for optimising audio signal processing. Illusonic provides high quality and mature solutions for directive, surround and 3D sound recording, as well as immersive and VR sound rendering techniques, for cinema and consumer applications.

Kapaw is a media company for a mobile-first generation. Creating daily stories that are distributed across a variety of social platforms, Kapaw aims to help this generation get a deeper understanding of the world.

Panoptic LLC develops omnidirectional vision technologies targeting real-time high-resolution imaging systems that provide 360° field of view for virtual reality and broadcasting. Panoptic transforms data gathered by sports into many different forms to improve spectator engagement. Second Spectrum is the world leader in building machines that understand sports.

Second Spectrum leverages the machine understanding (computer vision, machine learning, big data) to provide a full suite of products and solutions – constantly innovating to create new forms of information, interaction, immersion and personalisation.

Sensiwall was originally designed for soccer with the help of several trainers. It allows reproduction of game-like situations, as well as training and improvement of players' technique and cognitive capabilities, by focusing on field awareness, vision, motor function and execution speed. Combining hardware, software and training methodology, Sensiwall is an innovative, cutting-edge technology solution that allows players to make the right strategic decisions.

Teeyu is a short-video mobile platform where users can challenge each other in entertaining and memorable sports moments. Users are free to create and share challenges with their friends based on certain characteristics, e.g. performance, memorable and/or funny moments, and even creative moments.

Triple / Beyond Sports is a technology company who understands media and sports. It transforms data gathered by sports into many different forms, for example fan engagement on mobile or training of athletes in Virtual Reality.

Turnpike Group has developed a Wearable/Internet of Things Platform specialised for sports, with the intent of bringing fans and clubs closer together. Using state of the art technology, Turnpike opens up a new range of usability features suitable for all clients with large user/fan bases.

VOGO is a leader in mobile technology products offering a compelling media experience for in-venue spectators. VOGO SPORT is an application for mobile devices that enables immersive and enhanced viewing of live stadium sports and other arena events.





1. Public Engagement: Shore & ObViz

  • Crowd management and fans behavior
  • Platforms to leverage social media
  • Results distribution
  • Enhance spectator experience

Shore is a modular web platform to help you leverage content and communities on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, onDemand) by creating engaging social spaces on any screen (Web, mobile, widgets, large screen, API). Shore has a solid final product that we customize depending on your need. Shore works successfully since 2009 with many large customers worldwide including KPMG, Nespresso, WEF, Deloitte, UN, IUCN.

ObViz is an EPFL artificial intelligence startup that helps organizations automatically understand the feedback from their users. Our advanced opinion mining algorithms do the hard part of extracting the relevant entities and ideas mentioned by each user. We provide our clients a real time opinion-oriented overview of what their users think.


2. Knowledge Management: eBizGames & EDSI-Tech Sàrl

  • Capability building
  • Tools to exploit data bases
  • Information transfer
  • Web & Apps development

Learning by Doing! eBizGames develops innovative online Business Games for Management Education. Between e-learning, simulations and role plays, eBizGames solutions address a wide variety of professional education challenges, through easy-to-use online training solutions to develop rapidly individuals knowledge, skills, and capability. Thanks to our solutions, institutions can capitalise and share their knowledge, trainers can enrich their programs, combining in-class and online delivery and trainees develop knowledge, know-how and soft skills at once.

EDSI-Tech Sàrl is a Swiss company established at the EPFL Innovation park since 2008. We are commercialising the MyCity software family and our base customers are governments and institutional federations. The goal of MyCity is to centralise all events, points of interests, medias and also tourist profiles in an unique database that can be used by various partners to share and promote the data. MyCity is composed of multiple products from the database to the interactive touch screen and mobile applications with integrated recommendations intelligence.


3. Organizational Management: GenView 3D & Crossing-Tech

  • Business control software
  • Multiple systems data distribution
  • KPIs & Checklists
  • Enterprise connectivity & Big data management

GenView 3D is a Swiss IT Software company located in one of European’s most advanced technology center - the Innovation Park EPFL in Lausanne. Its product – GenView 3D – is a realtime Business Control Software gathering all the necessary performance indicators of a company into a single dashboard by connecting to multiple heterogeneous sources. It provides an interactive interface with 3D multi-views and powerful Big Data treatment capabilities, leading to swift decision-making.

Crossing-Tech is a Swiss company dedicated to enterprises facing unprecedented business and technology complexity. Our 20+ years experienced team has a proven track record in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Our mission is to empower organizations by delivering the system-wide agility that helps keep operations efficient and cleverly deal with today’s and tomorrow’s needs. By providing extreme connection capabilities, our unique solution Connectivity Factory™ makes sure data is distributed across multiple systems and available when needed. Connectivity Factory™ enables enterprises to run smoothly, better manage processes and supervise operations.