ACCELERATE "Connecting Sport & Innovation" is a unique platform connecting International Sports Organisations (ISOs) with high-tech innovators and providing support to various innovation initiatives.

A series of exclusive workshops is organised on a yearly basis around a topic of particular interest with the objective to address sport-specific issues. Prior to each workshop a preparatory study is conducted. Through individual interviews with ISOs and with key actors in the sector, the study aims to understand the specific challenges and needs of all the stakeholders. Based on the results of the study, the content of the workshop is designed with the objective to bring real value to the participants and to facilitate connections between the world of sport and the innovation actors.

Our vision is to accelerate innovation dynamics in sport by creating an ongoing dialogue between sports organisations and innovators, as well as to offer a 360° view on challenges of sport in terms of technology innovation.

Our mission is to make a positive impact on sport and on economy, and to develop the image of the Canton of Vaud as a world hub for sport technology excellence.